AnchorMark S2-TTM Fencing Screw DELTA® SEAL US +++NEW+++

Unique and stylish finish for hardwood Fencing, Screening and Cladding with steel substructures.

Advantages of the AnchorMark Fencing screws include:

  • Hardened Carbon Steel for trouble free installation and durability in hardwoods
  • Self-Drilling tip delivers a quick and easy installation into hardwoods with steel backing without tearing or splitting
  • Colored with Delta®-Seal coating for advanced corrosion resistance
  • Part of the AnchorMark S2 series with small diameter and smooth head allowing a clean and easy finish without sanding
  • Made in Germany using highest quality materials & manufacturing
  • Available in Silver, Brown and Black finishes

NOT SUITABLE FOR: Decking installations or Harsh environments of Frequent & Prolonged Moisture, Chlorides and Corrosive exposures (See AnchorMark 316 Stainless Steel products for these applications)

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NOTE: Rendered images are not actual photo images of the product and are strictly for representational purposes only, therefore colours may vary. Please refer to the photographed images for a more accurate colour comparison.



1) The SIT® drive (TX compatible) allows for optimum torque transmission, a tight and snug fit, and fast centering.

2) The high efficiency thread with anti-friction coating to reduce drive-in torque.

3) An aggressive drilling tip easily drills through wood with the wings cutting a clearance hole for timber and self-drills easily into steel of a steel thickness: 3/64 – 1/8″.

The Delta®-Seal coating offers a high corrosion and weather resistance where stainless steel is not required

NOT suitable for use around pools, close to the waterline and in aggressive environments or areas with extreme UV exposure (for those applications you should consider our stainless 316/bimetal screws).



  • Fencing, screening and other architectural structures


  • IPE
  • Mangaris
  • Cumaru
  • Garapa
  • Tigerwood
  • Red Balau (Batu)
  • Angelim Pedra
  • Massaranduba
  • Teak
  • Itauba
  • Brazilian Walnut
  • Tupelo
  • Mahogany

Protection: Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners for timber as they may damage the screw surface. Remove all residue immediately following application for longer enjoyment.